Hey dudes and dudettes!
Welcome to KING’S JITSU!

1th Sep 2013

We would like to welcome you to our club and say thanks for dropping by. You clearly made the right choice because Jitsu is awesome!

It doesn’t matter how in or out of shape you are, how tall, how short or how sporty. Just come along in a loose t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms and have a go! For reasons of comfort and practicality, it's better to avoid wearing strappy/vest tops, and if you have one, a sports bra is advisable.

We train twice a week – at 7pm to 9pm on Mondays and 7pm to 9pm Wednesdays, Guy’s Campus, Boland House. We train upstairs in either AR1 or AR2 - but just come along and there will be people to help you out.

Our freshers' sessions this term start on 23rd September! Come along to try out Jitsu for yourself and see some demonstrations from our grades.

Jitsu helps you learn self defence, develop your confidence and improve your fitness by learning how to strike, throw and restrain attackers. We're a highly socialable club and will head down to one of the local pubs or SU bar after training for a refreshing glass of juice, beer, or whatever takes your fancy.

Your first session with us will be free! If you like what you see, we’ll ask you for a fiver, to go the SU – this will get you three more sessions. After that, it’s just £2 per session or £30 for the whole term (will vary for non-Kings Students).

Once you decide that Jitsu is right for you, we can help you out about where to get those super-comfy white pyjamas called a gi, and insurance to train all year.

Got a question?

If you have any questions about Jitsu please feel free to contact us.

Training Times

Mat Fees

  Kings Students Other Students or Unemployed
Non Student
Per Session £2 £3
Term (3 months) £30 £30


  • Sensei Matt Leggett - 2nd Dan
  • Sensei Lewis Brooks - 1st Dan


  • Nick
  • George
  • Georgia
  • Natalia

Sister Clubs

The Jitsu Foundation

The Jitsu

King's College London Jitsu is part of The Jitsu Foundation, UK and Worldwide Jitsu.